Principles of availing of mediation services in the range of estate turnover

  1. Making an offer and drawing up a mediation agreement are free of cost.
  2. An offer should supply documentary evidence for the property right to his real estate, plans, maps, extract from the ground register as well as other documents necessary for evaluation of real estate and entering into transaction.
  3. An offer is valid within 365 days from the day of its making.
  4. Agency should be immediately notified about earlier loss of timeliness of an offer (for example for the reason of sale of a real estate without participation of Agency).
  5. Seller (buyer, hirer-out) agrees that after signing a mediation agreement his offer shall become public and shall be automatically directed to the estate agencies co-operating with 'A & Z GORTADT' Agency.
  6. Specific tasks to be made by the Estate and Services Agency:
    • finding buyer (seller, hirer or hirer-out);
    • carrying out the price negotiations (at parties request);
    • making the expert appraisements or pricing on the request of party (separate costs will be charged to customer);
    • defining an entry to the notarial deed;
    • adjustment of the transaction terms with the notary;
    • pilotage of transaction up to the time of signing the notarial deed;
    • in case of need, drawing up a preliminary agreement and a hire contract possessing equal rights to both parties.
  7. Remuneration for the Agency is the commission, payable after entering into transaction in the amount of:
    • 2% (net value) of real value of offered estate payable by each party - in case of purchase (sale)
    • 50% (net value) of monthly rental rate payable by each party - in case of hire (hire-out)
  8. Note: Taking the detailed information from 'A & Z GORTADT' Agency concerning transaction subject and carrying out a transaction without participation of the agency, doesn't exempt a duty of commission payments.